Welcome to our world of sunsets and beautiful beaches.

Miami Beach is the tropical home of Keystone Property Management, Inc. We’re here to help you find the rental home of your dreams. Whether you’re on a budget, searching for a seasonal second home, or want to live in high-rise splendor on the beach, we’ll do our best to find the just-right apartment for you.

While we’re located in South Beach, you’ll find our managed properties all over the islands and on the mainland as well. Whether you’re already in South Florida and want to relocate or you’re living half a world away, give us a call when you need a new place to call home. We’ll do our best to help you find just what you’re looking for.

Coming to the Beach for vacation or business?

Do you dread spending days or weeks in a cramped hotel room? Here’s a new service from Keystone Leasing that can help you feel at home from the day you arrive. Our monthly rentals can give you all the room you need to live and work and, at a fraction of the cost of traditional lodging.

Studio & Efficiency Apartments

This category is filled with variety. From our lowest cost units to full-featured homes in seaside resorts, you’ll find the apartment you need here. Just to set the record straight, a studio apartment usually includes a single, large living area with a smaller dining space and a kitchen with appliances. An efficiency apartment is similar to a hotel room with a single living area and a compact kitchen. Most of our rentals are studios. If not, there will be a note in the description.

One Bedroom Apartments

Affordable space for a single or partners. Check out our selections for roomy comfort on the Beach or on the mainland.

Two Bedroom Apartments

Some of the most spacious apartments and condo rentals in our inventory!

Short Term Rentals

If you’re coming south for an extended visit or if your business or education requires it, let us help you find comfortable lodgings at affordable rates. This is a category that expands and contracts almost weekly with the ebb and flow of demand. If you don’t see what you’re looking for today, come back again and again or call us to discuss your special needs.

Furnished Apartments

Here are special offerings for those who travel light, who want to move to the beach without dragging along the trappings of some other home in some other place. These furnished properties are very popular with traveling professionals and for those who want to spend a few months or a year in the sun before continuing careers in another place. Some of these units are available for three or seven month rentals. Some offer utilities, paid convenience and, many include reserved parking. All are great values in a special corner of paradise.

Luxury Suites & Apartments

In few other areas of the world are there so many wonderful places to call home. From spacious apartments on the South Beach avenues to top of the world views in the ever expanding array of residential towers, there is no end to the variety, to the amenities, to the prices. If you enjoy and can afford the very best, here’s our ever changing offering for this week.

Budget & Value Rentals

In the shadows of our world class real estate, there are apartments that almost anyone can afford. Regardless of your lifestyle, whether it be medical student, hard working professional, or young adult looking to simply live and enjoy life, these communities offer a comfortable, secure and pleasant space for all, throughout South Beach, North Beach, or the mainland.

Ocean & Bay View Properties

Next to the perpetually warm weather, it was the water that attracted most of us to South Florida and it’s everywhere. The bays, channels, rivers, and waterways wind through the islands like a web. The most coveted homes here are those that are on the water or have a water view. We only have a few examples because they usually rent very quickly.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Call us or e-mail us. Tell us about your requirements. Within hours we’ll contact you with the best the Beach has to offer.

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