Private Management

Keystone Private Management

Whether you live across town or on another continent, Keystone’s Private Management Package may offer the best news about your property you’ve heard in a long time. Here’s how it works:

Each month we collect the rent from your tenant and distribute the proceeds according to your instructions. We’ll pay your maintenance fees, utilities, insurance, special assessments or whatever you decide and deposit the balance into your specified bank account. Because we customize this package to each owner’s requirements, we’ll take care of your needs, no matter what they are.

If your tenant defaults we’ll do whatever is necessary to protect your investment including three-day notices and eviction if required. If, at any time, you need a new tenant we can provide the advertising, showings, background checks, deposits, and condo approval process required to re-establish your rental income as quickly as possible.*

But, this financial package is only the beginning. If you have problems with your unit we’ll respond to your tenant’s call 24 hours a day and take care of the problem. Many owners give us permission to make minor repairs up to a specified amount without contact. For major problems we consult with you, offer options, and supervise the work.

When necessary we’ll interact with your condo association to resolve problems and insure that your best interests are served.

So, take the anxiety out of ownership in a resort community. Keystone has been managing property in Miami and Miami Beach since 1988 and our knowledge and expertise can help make your investment the pleasure you thought it would be.

Here’s the greatest news of all: our basic Private Management Package is available for as little as $50 per month. Call us today for details.

*Fees for rental services are not included in our management packages and may be negotiated as part of our initial agreement or as required.

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